Biography of Giorgi Bliadze

Giorgi Bliadze, whose artistic name, Surameli, derives from his birthplace in Surami, Georgia, is a contemporary artist and muralist.

His compositions reflect the Earth and humankind.”When Artists speak about their artworks, they are not artists anymore but the writers. The colors and canvas have to tell us the story about the artwork but not the artists themselves,” he says.

After graduating from the university where he majored in Political Science and Art History, Bliadze realized he would never be a politician, instead, he enrolled at an art academy, dedicating himself fully to the artistic life.

Bliadze works with all kinds of media but prefers oil paint above all others.After researching which media endure the longest, he concluded that oil paintings have brighter colors and longevity. This research was a major influence for the artist who devotes his time not only creating timeless masterpieces but places emphasis on the technique and quality of his work.

Through the color palette, he invites the viewer into a spiritual contemplation of the natural terrain, making feel the sensation and emotion of powerful natural expressions. Bliadze challenges the viewer to  treasure the wonders of the land and admire with beauty of the color.

In addition to being a full time artist, Bliadze is a researcher and experimentalist with techniques such as Venetian plaster, cloisonne enamel and metal forging to create knives and religious icons.

He exhibits internationally in places like Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Germany, India and the Unites States. Bliadze’ s work is included in collections across these countries as well.