Biography of Giga Bliadze

Giorgi Bliadze was born in 1977, in working class family in Surami ,Georgia. His father Yuri Bliadze was production manager in Agara’s juice factory; his mother Liana Labadze was a senior technologist in Gomi’s distillery.

Giorgi was precocious child. His nickname is Giga Surameli according to his birthplace. Finished school in 1994 and enrolled at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state University of Tbilisi, Georgia, a faculty of History and Political Science. Giorgi was engaged in various exercises in the study: psychology,theology, physiognomy, astrology,anatomy, philosophy and more.
.After graduation of the university, he entered at Tbilisi Apolon Kutateladze’s State Academy of Arts, at the Faculty of Monumental painting.

During his artistic career, he conducted many experiments,as well as the painting of the materials in terms of durability, his works performed in many styles as well as a variety of different technologies. Also he makes his own canvas for paint.
He loves to travel and he travels a lot, and that helps him to affix his emotions into the canvas.

Giorgi had showcased several Exhibitions in Germany, USA , Georgia, Armenia and in Santiniketan, India.Indian experts were proud to showcases his works in the Academy of Fine Art,Kolkota,India.
Giogri’s ;paintings usually conveys greater part of landscape, beautification of human being, abstaction in avant-garde style and some aspects of non-religious and liberation of soul.